Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Remix And Stuff

This is the Remix Traum of Unsinn/Traumatize had done for my song Sex Killer
The Original Song and others will be available with this track much later in the year.

There will be a new Project yet to be named yet because I'm trying to do too many things
and I want to make Harsh EBM, Noise-Industrial, Oldschool EBM and Synthpop as well as
Crust Punk, Hardcore Punk, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Gothic Rock, Power Noise, Rock,
Death Metal, Gothic Metal, Doom Metal, Krautrock, Glitch Noise Music, Narco-Industrial,
Trance Music, Techno, Acid Music, Melodic Metal, Futurepop, Power Electronic, Oi Punk,
Electropunk, Harsch Klang Musik, ect....ect. I love all kinds of music including early RAP,
I don't expect to make more Hip-Hop/RnB Music anymore.....2004-2005 was the last
I will ever write for big time record producers and smalltime bands like Omega whatever.

I have a nac for Writing Stuff and never finishing them and I've been recording Guitar Riffs
and Synthbass Lines since 2002 and have been involved in the sound and writing aspect of
writing for big name bands and I've been making music since 1985 and physical doing stuff
on computers for Electronic Music for my own stuff since 2004 and have been making EBM
since 1985 and physicaly since 2005 but I never cared for the sounds in FL Studio 9 without
using VST Softsynths and Samplers as well as Drumsynths and DAW Workstation.

I use ReFX Vanguard which will have a full bank of cool sounds that could be used in EBM,
Synthetic Illusion is just for that Releasing Soundbanks and Samples for Free and links, ect.
I also use Image-Line Sytrus and I use every ARTURIA synth and will release more banks
on Tom Shear's blog Waveformless, I have recently bought a VSTi Emulation of the OB-X
and the OB-Xa which also Emulates the Matrix-6 all three synths were made by Oberheim
and Sonic Projects is who made the synth, I also bought E-MU Emulator 3X and Waldorf
Edition Softsynth bundle with PPG Wave 2V emulation softsynth, I use all Korg Softsynths,
I use Urs Heckman's Zebra and I want to buy ReFX Nexus2 and the Access Virus TDM plug-in
but before that I want to buy a hardware synth, I also recently bought a Boss DR-220E and
I got a Roland D-10 for $60 Dollars Canadian, but the D-10 is for parts, I will be making a
release with a new singer for this Release and maybe also a split release.

I don't have time to do anything else but doing what I do and that leaves little time for music
I have many of ideas and without the right synth and drum sounds the songs will never be
what I was looking for in the first place, I don't do much else than write music ideas and stuff.

Soon there will be a release on my label Endzeit Records, the Endzeit stands for Endzeit Electro
which was a term created by Rudy Ratzinger of :Wumpscut:/:DJ Dwarf: to describe his music
and this applies to any Dark Electro/Harsh EBM bands.

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